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What People are Saying

A personal financial GPS that will help you prepare for, and successfully navigate through many common financial challenges. Scott teaches you how to think about these issue and keeps you engaged along the way. The best experience to learn from is someone else’s, and this book meets the mark.

- William Cuthbertson, MBA, EA, CFP®
Fiscalis Advisory, Inc, San Juan Capistrano, California

This book should be of enormous benefit to anyone looking for practical financial advice in today’s economy. Scott Anderson has tapped his years of experience and training in taxes and investments to compile a solid, logical guide to help readers in managing their money with practical tips on a range of issues, including how to make smarter spending, saving and investment decisions and plan for retirement. This book will be helpful to both the do-it-yourselfer and readers who want a better understanding of how a professional advisor can help them reach their financial goals.

- Delia Fernandez, MBA, CFP®
A NAPFA-Registered Advisor
Fernandez Financial Advisory, LLC, Los Alamitos, California

Scott Anderson presents an objective look at some key financial questions, decisions and issues faced by all of us. I endorse his views and would urge both young and old alike to spend time with this book. Scott makes it easy for us to understand how to grow our wealth so we can enjoy the fruits of our efforts – Scott deserves the gold medal!

- Peter Kote, JD
Professional Fiduciary Services, Laguna Hills, California

Scott’s Anderson’s book treats each aspect of one’s personal financial decision-making and makes each step seem logical and so easy to follow. It is also fun and delivered with great insight. This book is a winner for anyone struggling to make sense out of their cents.

- Richard Crum, CFP®
Registered Investment Advisor
RS Crum, Inc., Newport Beach, California

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