We recognize that each individual and business has different Investment and tax planning needs. Scott Anderson Financial, Inc. offers ways for you to leverage our investment and tax planning expertise based on your goals -- not someone else’s!

Investment Management

We offer objective, individualized wealth management strategies. Our investment philosophy is to utilize mutual funds and ETFs to help provide broad diversification and mitigate market risk. Among our strategies, we seek to utilize a balanced portfolio that is critically evaluated and uses multiple investment strategies across asset classes. Our investment process is guided by experience with a long-term strategic allocation. Our clients primarily seek income so we collaborate with them to help provide a transparent and conservative cash producing allocation.

Asset Allocation and Analysis

An Asset Allocation review assures that the portfolio is aligned with the clients investment objectives and best positioned across asset classes. Through this process, clients become better educated about the multiple factors that can affect the portfolio’s performance. We customize each asset allocation study to meet a client’s unique circumstances. This service is a great way to understand the risk profile of your portfolio is in percentage and dollar terms.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning is the key to successfully, and legally, reducing your tax liability. We go beyond tax compliance by proactively recommending tax saving strategies designed to maximize your after-tax income. We can prepare your federal, state and/or multi-state tax returns while taking into account the latest tax law changes. This will assure that you are not paying more taxes than required under the current law.

Hourly Consulting

Our relationship begins with a complimentary introductory phone call or face-to-face meeting. When there are just a few issues to work out, we believe our clients are best served with hourly advice and not a significant project engagement fee. Some of our small business clients may only need us a couple hours a month for tax planning or business decisions. We will discuss monthly retainers for such cases.


When you have a need, we want you to call us. It may be a financial check-up, a tax planning evaluation or a second opinion. No matter the case, we’ll provide sound, professional advice without conflicts of interest.


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